17º Congreso Jurídico de la Abogacía de Málaga

Vicente Ortiz Alonso

Vicente Ortiz is the chairman of VicoX Legal, a modern legal andfinancial Newlaw company and the active CEO of Deed, a full-digital transactional and real estate&visas platform in Europe.

In addition, Vicox Holding also included Vicox Technnology (apps, cybersecurity, blockchain) and Edp Innovation ventures (Investmentfunds) Current Lawyer and Advisor to VC investments totalling to-date€800M in current assets value, with major expertise in M&As, legal managed services, real estate, blockchain, challenger banks, Bigdata, banking compliance, legaltech and proptech companies.

Vicente has ten years of experience providing digital services to corporate legal departments to increase the value of services they provide via new models, cost savings, and work efficiency. His passion for creating and implementing custom solutions is influencedby his experience at the legaltech industry

Professor in different Universities and business schools.

Delegate at fibree the largest blockchain and real estate association.

Committed to the Web3 and proptech ecosystem in Europe.

Interests: Kitesurf and Yoga.

As a real estate transaction Lawyer and Real Estate Investment Consultant, I assist home buyers/investors and sellers, both foreignand domestic, with their real estate sales

Additionally, my connections with foreign and national investorsseeking properties with a positive ROI, facilitates transactions tocreate win-win business deals in the real estate industry.

My firm specializes in the areas of Residential, Commercial closingsand transaction law, with an emphasis in high-end luxury properties and logistics.

As a IT and Web3 lawyer Vicox represent technology andgrowth companies at all stages of development, through private financings, patents, copyrights, strategic transactions, and mergers and acquisitions. We also represent investors .We advise numerous entrepreneurs from initial company formation to liquidity event. At any time, We typically represent several startup companies seeking venture financing and private companies that have received financing.

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